Flowmeters for special applications, corrosive fluids, and customised to specific requirements


We manufacture customized flowmeter for special applications. These may be manufactured according to customer specified fluid, scale length, frame size, flowrate, flow units, fitment requirements, cosmetics requirements, logo, etc.

For opaque liquids, (e.g., palm oil, etc.,) we can make steel tube or glass tube flowmeters with magnetic coupled indicators according to your requirements.

Flow indicators with NO/NC contacts can be made according to your specifications.

Glass tube flow meters with high low settable alarms (only NO/NC contact provided) can be made according to your requirement.

We manufacture flowmeters with PVC, PTFE, lead lining for use with corrosive fluids e.g., nitric acid, HCl, caustic soda solution, Chlorine, etc. The CMH range of flowmeters can be supplied with appropriately lined wetted parts for use with corrosive fluids.



We have a large range of such customized flowmeters. We keep regular stock of many of these customized flowmeters and these can be delivered at short notice. If your requirements do not fall in our standard range, kindly enquire. We will find out if any of the customized item matches your requirement, and then we can immediately supply. If your requirement does not match, we will make it specially             for you !

Some of the customized flowmeters we manufacture regularly are shown below:


LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) flowmeter customized for range, scale length.


Panel mounting flowmeter for Oxygen as per customized

frame size and finish


Bezel mounting flowmeter for air as per customers flow range and bezel specification


Steel tube flowmeter with magnetically coupled indicator for use with opaque fluids.