Medical Applications:

Our range of medical flowmeters include flowmeter (rotameter) tubes, antihypoxia devices complete with flowmeter assembly for anaesthetic applications, BPC type flowmeters for bedside use in hospitals. Our flowtubes are state of the art  conductive flowtubes to eliminate static build up and ensure accurate reading.

Accuracy of the flowmeters comply to ISO 5358 and ISO 15002.  We supply to many OEMs regularly, all over the world.

The  range also includes flowmeters for veterinary applications.

Industrial Applications:

We manufacture a wide range of flowmeters such as purge type, with or without control valves, high range, guided float type, bypass type, laboratory use, metal tube, BPC, etc. Our flowmeters are used in the chemical and process industry, MIG/TIG welding, plastic moulding, water purification plants, and various other places.

We also specialize in customized flowmeters to suit your exact requirement.

Our flowmeters are used by OEMs and end users  in various industry wherever accurate measurement of flow is required. The applications include measurement of corrosive fluids and turbid fluids as well.

Calibration & Reconditioning Services:

We have a calibration laboratory and we can calibrate your flowmeters with international traceability, and we will provide detailed calibration certificate as per NABL guidelines. We also offer to recondition your existing damaged / non-functional flowmeters of CM make. For flowmeters of other makes, the possibility of reconditioning will depend on type, range and application.